Creating a Content Marketing Strategy from Existing SEO Content

A successful SEO strategy is an indicator that the content being created is of the highest quality and customers find great value in it. But has something else crossed your mind? Something like using this SEO content for other purposes, for instance email marketing, social media, whitepapers or even e-books? If it hasn’t, well, it should be now. However, before going further, you ought to know that search engine optimization is content marketing.

Social Media Sharing

Your organization is already publishing relevant and valuable content that customers love. It is a high time this content was shared on different social media platforms where your current and potential customers meet regularly. Since SEO content is relevant and valuable to a specific audience, sharing it on social media can result in multiple sharing of the same content.

Always ensure to avoid content that only serves to promote other brands and instead focus on sharing SEO content that you have created specifically to drive visitors back to your website. Using this strategy increases the search engine visibility of your website as well as its social visibility which in return increases the traffic to your website.

Promotion through Email Marketing

SEO content can be promoted through email marketing, however, only use a portion of the article called a teaser. This teaser serves to entice readers to click on your organization’s website in order to read the whole article in addition to other content that could be of their interest.

Most organizations provide members with a monthly or annual email detailing to them the achievements made during that period, for instance awards won, new recruits to the workforce, new developments and projects, and so on. Sometimes this information is too much and to some point irrelevant to the customers. Ensure the information you include in the email marketing serves the customers with what they can use and learn from.

Always remember that just like SEO, content marketing is not only intended to attract new customers, but it is also intended at keeping the current one loyal; something email marketing is very effective at.

SEO as Content Marketing

SEO content should not just increase the visibility of your website in search engines; it should also be relevant and valuable enough to your target niche as well as provide them with their desired solutions to problems. The eventual impact this has is increased traffic to your website, increased conversions, improved user management which eventually leads to more customers. All these are goals of content marketing, yet the two – SEO and content marketing – are usually discussed in distinct. There are many firms in Australia offering this service and Resolve Digital Agency is an SEO Company based in Melbourne who specialise in this.

This distinction can be attributed to the latest garbage that is being perpetuated as SEO, hence the perceived lack of value. Regardless of this, SEO is still content marketing with an added advantage of better visibility.

Here are some of the ways in which you can re-purpose your SEO content.

Convert to E-books and Whitepapers

Downloadable e-books and whitepapers can be a great way of generating leads from your website. You can sum up all the SEO content from the past few months and repurpose it into e-books and whitepapers that can be downloaded. Free e-books and whitepapers on websites allow generation of more leads as well as assist position your business entity as a thought leader of the specific industry.

E-books and whitepapers can also be promoted via social media platforms and email marketing. Provide readers with a taste of your information just enough to give them enough appetite to read more from your website.

In the end, what you get is less work and an improved content marketing strategy in general.